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Honoring Native American traditions in fiction

I was just wrapping up Possum Kingdom when a new controversy du jour hit my Facebook feed: Harry Potter author J.K. Rowling had written about Navajo skinwalkers in her “History of Magic in North America,” and in doing so had grievously offended some Native readers. English newspaper The Guardian reported: […]

What’s the deal with shapeshifting vermin?

In my last blog post, I wrote that the seed for this story came from a conversation with a friend, who thought that vampires were overdone and wanted to see shapeshifters, instead. But what made Theo a rat, or Emilia a raccoon? Without recalling the precise confluence of things, I […]

The story behind “Possum Kingdom”

As a child I’d been fascinated by the punk-rock “Pit Rats” I saw loitering around the concrete rings that rimmed the Harvard T station; as a young adult, I was even more fascinated to find them still there. What if, I thought, they were the same punks? What if they were vampires, never aging?