The Running Wild Novella Anthology

In the Running Wild Novella Anthology, accompany our protagonists as they embattle a maniacal journalist; peel away the layers of travelers hidden pasts on a train bound to the unknown; uncover the story of a call girl’s mysterious death; travel back in time to find the real killer of Abraham Lincoln; and fight an inherited past. This collection of novellas will make your imagination run wild. Stories by Miranda Manzano, Sara Marchant, Christa Miller, Tom Rinkes, and Lisa Diane Kastner.

About sodom & gomorrah on a saturday night

My story in this novella is speculative crime fiction set three years from today, in a barely recognizable Seacoast New Hampshire where human trafficking has been legalized and empathy — the ability to read another person’s emotions — outlawed. The story follows two former police officers turned corporate security staff who, unable to solve the murder of a young girl, turn to unorthodox methods to locate her killer — and just maybe, spark a revolution.

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