I write to connect. Whether helping businesses to connect with customers, or publishing fiction to connect new readers with new ideas, I use words to inform, inspire, enlighten, and encourage.

Business Content

A communicator with strong writing and technical understanding, I specialize in long-form written content that generates and nurtures leads, drives loyalty and repeat business, and builds overall awareness.

Thought Leadership

Your speaking engagement, trade article, webinar, written piece for LinkedIn or Medium,…

Technical Report Review

A customer trying to recover from a major security incident or investigation…

Website Content

Make a great first impression with website content that clearly and concisely…

Email Content

Email is one of the most important pieces of a content strategy.…

White Papers

A good white paper relies on your organization's subject matter experts to…

Case Studies & Testimonials

Compelling testimonial quotes offer specific benefits that a customer experienced using a…


I've specialized in writing about and marketing digital forensics and incident response…


I take on a small number of nonprofit clients each year, helping…


My short stories and novellas for both children and grown-ups have been published in print and online.

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What I’m Blogging About

Writing in all its forms and functions.

Flipping the script, or turning bad habits into clean energy

Any writer knows we struggle sometimes with some pretty bad habits. There’s the procrastination. The overthinking. The self-doubt. The drinking. (And the accidental rhyming couplets in our blog posts, but I digress.) They’re all rooted in our impostor syndrome, the […]

How my reflective practice journal helps me manage my life

Something in my life needed to change. As a likely Highly Sensitive Person, I needed to become more intentional, and at the same time, more forgiving of both myself and others.

Catching Up with Christa: The “2019 Can Downshift Now” Edition

Of course, “relevance” is subjective, and in the middle of major change, requires adjustment. Coming out of not only a period of burnout, but also an employment shift, I’ve been rethinking my own relevance to the different communities of which I’m a part; hence the quiet period on this blog.

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