I write to connect. Whether helping businesses to connect with customers, or publishing fiction to connect new readers with new ideas, I use words to inform, inspire, enlighten, and encourage.

Business Content

A communicator with strong writing and technical skills, I specialize in long-form written content that establishes your company’s industry expertise, invites and nurtures leads, and promotes customer success.

Establish Your Expertise

Your speaking engagement, trade article, webinar, written piece for LinkedIn or Medium,…

Promote Customer Success

They've purchased your product or retained your services. Congratulations! Now how can…

Invite & Nurture Leads

You've established your subject matter expertise and now you want to drive…


Tech Bylines

My articles have appeared in national trade magazines Law Enforcement Technology, Police…

Lifestyle Bylines

My first-person journalism focuses on my experiences with ADHD, parenting, and the…

Client Praise

“Christa… did the lion’s share of work on our organization’s first published study, which was very well received. I would not think twice about bringing her on board any organization I worked on to address social networking, marketing, and public relations.”

Art Bowker, Law Enforcement Professional & Author

“I had the privilege of reading two of Christa’s white papers, both of which were well-written, informative, and instrumental in my working developing policy on the legality of the use of cloud technology by law enforcement. I recommend her highly for any tech related project.”

Joseph Remy, Assistant Prosecutor, State of New Jersey

“Christa Miller is a fantastic writer with whom I’ve collaborated for many years. She is very knowledgeable about highly technical and complicated subjects and is able to translate them simply in a way that all readers can understand. Her work is consistently on time, well-written and researched. I highly recommend Christa.”

Tabatha Wethal, Editor


My short stories and novellas for both children and grown-ups have been published in print and online.

For a complete list of my stories and where they’re published, click here.

What I’m Blogging About

Writing in all its forms and functions.

white foamy ocean water rushes toward the numbers 2021 on brown sand, about to wash them away

The year I learned to be where I am

Since 2019, I’ve followed this year-end review format by answering a set of 50 questions. One of them, towards the end of the list, asks you to choose three words to sum up your year. Once I got done laughing, […]

figure leaping over a chasm between 2020 and 2021

2020: A freelancer’s retrospective

Ah, 2020. After the roller coaster ride that was 2019 (for me, anyway), I had such high hopes. My first blog for the year reflects the way I felt: like I was finally finding my stride and my voice. I’d […]

kneeling figure surrounded by words of gratitude

30 Days of Gratitude

I don’t have to reiterate what an unending slog of a year 2020 has been, or why. Possibly the worst part: knowing everyone around you, the people you’d typically turn to for help, have it so much worse than you […]

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