NaNoWriMo is extremely f*cking nigh

Props to those who got the reference in the title!

I’ve never participated in a NaNoWriMo. I’ve attempted it, but until now lacked the fortitude or knowledge to make it work. Things always got in the way: day jobs, small children, my own self-doubt.

It’s arguable that I still don’t have what it takes to write a full length novel. The longest story I’ve written and been happy about has been only 34k  words, not the 50k required for a rough draft.

Still, Possum Kingdom needs a sequel, so my goal is a finished first draft, even if it is, like Possum Kingdom, only 16k words and change. (I believe this makes me a NaNo Rebel.)

I’ll be “plantsing” Streets of Abaddon just like I did its predecessor; the most I’m working with is a loose outline, story elements that I want to fill in along the way, but the rest will be a process of discovery.

Mostly, I think, the story will be about the snap judgments we make on city streets about people and situations. I was raised to be distrustful of strangers on city streets, never to look people in the eye, to cross the road if I encountered hinky-looking people, to be prepared for attack.

I still behave this way, still fight myself, feeling like I lose little bits of my own humanity when I do. Hopefully, writing about it will give me more courage to be the change.

Are you participating in NaNoWriMo this year? Find me!

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