Raccoon Rescue book signings (and how to get your signed copy)

It’s been a busy few weeks! Raccoon Rescue made its local debut at two independent bookstores: M. Judson Booksellers & Storytellers, and Fiction Addiction. Between family, local author friends, and especially fellow volunteers and friends at Izzie’s Pond, turnout and sales were pretty great!

Arranging for two launch parties on separate weekends, separate days and different times of day enabled people to join in the festivities when they might not otherwise have been able to. I met some new friends, reestablished contact with others I hadn’t spoken with in awhile, and got to sign a lot of forthcoming holiday gifts!

(I was also amused by the parallels between selling a book at a tabletop, and selling software at a trade show booth — namely, people walking by, deliberately refusing to make eye contact for fear of being “sold to.” People are so funny!)

Signed copies are available for mail order from Fiction Addiction, so if you’d like one, please visit their website to order!

Photo credit: 2017 Brian Carver


Literacy Day 2017 in Anderson County

I also was very proud to participate in Literacy Day for West Pelzer Elementary School in Anderson County, SC. I’ve spoken about my writing process in schools before — Career Days and informal talks to my sons’ classes — but this marked my first “official” author event.

West Pelzer is a fairly rural town, and several of the kids told me about their personal encounters with raccoons, including one boy who sees a family visit his home most every night, and a girl who spied two babies fighting over a squirrel carcass during a hunting trip with her dad.

The kids overall asked some really great questions about both writing and raccoons, so it was a great opportunity to help educate them not only on the importance of research and revisions to writing, but also why raccoons are really pretty terrible pets — and excellent mothers!

West Pelzer Elementary received two copies of Raccoon Rescue for its library and/or special ed staff, and I’m looking forward, hopefully, to upcoming opportunities to visit classrooms!


Upcoming author events

Small Business Saturday, 11/25


Fiction Addiction

Author Market, Saturday, 12/2


M. Judson Booksellers & Storytellers

See you there!

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