Book giveaway contest: Name my new raccoon mascot!

Leave a comment below, or comment/vote via Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook, for a chance to win a free copy of Raccoon Rescue! (Read on for a full set of rules…)

The day job takes me roughly once per quarter through Toronto Pearson International Airport. Headed home from my previous trip in January, I spotted a rack of stuffed animals for which Canada is known: moose, bears, and — surprise! — raccoons.

Toronto is known for its burgeoning urban raccoon population, of course, but not necessarily to an extent where I would’ve thought they ranked up there with the national animals. It was a pleasant surprise, but since my sons are too old for stuffed animals, I somewhat reluctantly bypassed the display.

I forgot all about it until my most recent trip. As is my routine, I stopped at a little shop to pick up some ice wine dark chocolate for the fam. Around the corner from the counter, there again was a rack of raccoons! Almost without thinking, I grabbed one.

I was still thinking at this point that my 11-year-old might like another raccoon for his collection regardless of age. I posted a photo to my social media sites anyway:

And then a rehab volunteer friend asked me what I’d named her. Of course I hadn’t thought about it before then. The raccoon wasn’t going to be mine… right?

Meet (and name!) my new mascot

As a marketer, I’m always looking for fresh ways to market — both books and digital forensics software. And taking that one photo made me realize what an opportunity this little raccoon presents. I can take her with me most everywhere I go, with a copy of my book, to help educate followers about raccoons and wildlife.

To do that, though, she needs a name. Now, I can barely name my own stories, and naming my children was naturally a collaborative effort. Names are powerful; they have to capture the essence of whoever or whatever you’re naming. In this case I’d like to turn to my small but growing fanbase: what should I call this sweet gal?

(And yes, the raccoon is a girl. As my rehabber friend put it, “She is radiating such feminine beauty.” Further, my dog and I are outnumbered by the males in our household, so a third girl would bring some welcome balance… even if she is inanimate!)

Some contest rules

  1. I’m soliciting names throughout blog comments below, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Reply to my posts there with your suggestion!
  2. Both girly and gender-neutral or -fluid names are welcome (but please nothing vulgar, off-color, related to trash, etc).
  3. I’ll collate entries into a poll that I’ll share on Facebook and Twitter. Assuming I get more than the two choices that Instagram Stories would support, I’ll post a screenshot of the poll there and ask for votes for your favorite name through comments.
  4. The person who picks the winning name gets a free copy of Raccoon Rescue! (Note: I have to be able to PM/DM you for your address for where I can send the book.)

Ready? Comment with your favorite raccoon name!

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