“The Kings of Babylon” is going to the Golden Globes!

I admit: I’m not big on celebrity. Watching awards shows isn’t one of my annual rituals; I’d prefer to watch the shows and movies that got the nominees to where they are. There’s a lot of drama and gossip that can seem uncomfortably like high school at times, and while the dresses are pretty and the speeches can be great, the fact is, celebrity just doesn’t grab my attention.

So, when I found out that the Running Wild Novellas Anthology Vol. 2 Part 1 would be included in gift bags for nominees and presenters at both the Golden Globe Awards and the Screen Actors’ Guild Awards, it took a little bit of time to sink in. When you don’t feel particularly connected, it’s hard to appreciate.

Celebrating storytelling another way

Then I thought about it. I AM connected — if not to the awards shows, then to many of the actors, directors, screenwriters and others who bring stories and characters to life. How many times have I watched a new series or movie just because so-and-so was in it? Because their previous work garnered trust in the quality of anything they’re involved in?

The fact is, television and movies are as much a part of my creative life as books and stories. I rave about great screenwriting and cinematography, the way everyone comes together to tell a story I can get lost in. Looking at the Golden Globes and SAG Awards nominees, I’m pleased to see some of my perennial favorites — Willem Dafoe, Nicole Kidman, Christian Bale, Mahershala Ali, Olivia Colman, Elisabeth Moss, and many others, as well as The Americans, a new-to-me discovery in 2018.

Gratitude for a singular opportunity

There’s some truly fine work being done all around, showcasing a wide representation of different social issues of our day, so the idea that my novella — comparable in some respects to “The Handmaid’s Tale,” one of the shows on the nominees list — will be among the stories gifted to celebrities means more than I initially gave it credit for.

My deepest gratitude therefore goes to editor Lisa Kastner for believing in our stories enough not just to print them, but also to pair them up with other inspiring creatives. I’d also be remiss if I didn’t shout out to other Running Wild Press authors whose stories are joining mine, not just in the novellas anthology but also in the Anthology of Stories Vol. 2. I reviewed the latter earlier last year, and you can find a list of my favorites in this post. They included “Idylls of the King,” whose author, Amelia Kibbie, vlogged about her excitement:

And be sure to catch the interview with Lisa and fellow writer Cindy Cavett here!

In the latest novellas anthology, I loved Randall Brown’s “How Long is Forever” for its “Stranger Things” feel, and D.R. Blakeman’s “One-Hundred Ten Blue” for its “The Regulators” vibe. You can find out more about my novella, “The Kings of Babylon,” on this page.

Please be sure to pick up copies of both books if you can, and watch the Golden Globes if you’re so inclined!

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