Rethinking, refining, reworking

Following January’s creative shakeup, February ended up feeling like almost a letdown. Work felt stalled, but was at the same time very productive. Clients, prospects, and colleagues went silent, but in doing so presented the opportunity to rethink what I wanted from them, how to adjust my expectations, and how to communicate my needs.

The big wins

My second children’s book is officially in production! I completed copyedits (of which there were, thankfully, few) and sent them plus final illustrations to my layout contractor. While I wait on a final illustration — a maze that will be included as an activity in the back of the book, together with other activities — I’m hoping to offer a cover reveal very soon. Read more on my other blog.

I had two articles published:

I also took the plunge on the big scary thing I blogged about last month. I’m not ready to release details yet, but hopefully by the end of the month it will be ready to announce. I’m currently at work on the inaugural article for that.

Finally, I got a press pass (first of my career) and liability insurance (a contractual requirement).

The first #presspass I’ve ever been issued in my career (including back when I freelanced part time), courtesy of the Freelance Journalists Union. Now I don’t have to print “MEDIA” in marker on my event badges, and maybe can cover more than events?

What else I worked on

  • Two more op-eds. I like the format, and the chance to explore ideas that might not warrant a full article.
  • My third lifestyle article for Plateau Magazine — a profile of the executive director of a regional arts center.
  • My next article for Forensic Focus, regarding standardization.

I also got closer to signing two new marketing clients, both of whom will rely on my journalism bent for their blogs.

Short update this month while I continue to take the time to reflect and refine my plans and approach. How’s your month been?

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

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