Photo credit: Inoubliable Photography, 2017

I’m an accomplished writer and marketer who excels at simplifying complex technical topics: not just the ones products or services run on, but also how broader social, legal, and economic issues affect customers’ decisions to purchase (or, to a nonprofit, contribute). I use a variety of creative and research techniques to produce content for trade magazines, blog posts, websites, white papers, case studies, and supporting channels such as email, social media, and advertising.

As a writer of fiction, I’ve written in a variety of genres ranging from crime fiction to horror to children’s, but my favorite stories to write — and read — are those which blend genres. My affinity for the dark, psychological, and somewhat bizarre doesn’t stop me from snuggling baby animals as a volunteer at a local wildlife rescue; adventuring with my two sons in rivers, swamps, salt marshes, and forests; or relaxing with a good book and a cold beverage in my hammock.

I’m based in Greenville, South Carolina. Find other places to connect with me to your right.