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March reads: Keeping it short

I had a little bit of a rough month. Early on I was struggling with flagging energy, anxiety, basically all symptoms I only experience when I eat foods to which I’m sensitive — grains in particular, except I wasn’t eating grains. I had, however, reintroduced nightshades into my diet. Long […]

A(nother) sneak peek at “The Kings of Babylon”

If you read Sodom & Gomorrah on a Saturday Night, you know that it takes place in a United States where most of the government has been privatized and crimes like human trafficking have been legalized. (Think this is ludicrous? You may want to read articles about the trucking industry and […]

Sensitivity readers sensitize… they don’t censor

The last year has seen a rather contentious debate over whether sensitivity reading — the practice of having stories critiqued or edited by people who represent the marginalized communities from which characters might come — constitutes censorship. This actually isn’t a new issue. Nearly 20 years ago, Debbie Reese, a […]