The first stories I saw professionally published, between 2006-2008, all seemed to fall, loosely, into one of two themes: extremely messed-up romances, and extremely messed-up childhoods. I’ve pulled these stories together into a short collection that you can purchase on Amazon — or download for free when you sign up for my newsletter!


Bloodied Hearts

  • Dream House
  • Midnight Train to Georgia
  • Beautiful Trouble
  • Snuff
  • The Promise
  • White Crosses
  • Coyote Date

Broken Starts

  • Blogging a Fantasy
  • Detachment Parenting
  • Bad Influence
  • Just Watching
  • Going Gandolfini
  • Silence in Ramah
  • Waiting for Mommy to Wake Up
  • The Power of Suggestion
  • Deposition to a Public Defender
  • Ankle Biters