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2018’s readings in review

I pretty much fell off the reading wagon towards the last quarter of this year. It wasn’t that I didn’t read at all; I did, but I focused on pleasure reading, not analysis or review. I also read some draft works by friends, which aren’t ready for public review. So, […]

June’s reads: Predators of various stripes

I admit: I struggled a bit this month. I broke my policy of being very picky about what I read, in the spirit of supporting other indie authors and booksellers… and ended up with a book I couldn’t finish. This is rare for me! Normally I really need to know […]

March reads: Keeping it short

I had a little bit of a rough month. Early on I was struggling with flagging energy, anxiety, basically all symptoms I only experience when I eat foods to which I’m sensitive — grains in particular, except I wasn’t eating grains. I had, however, reintroduced nightshades into my diet. Long […]

Review: Jenna’s Truth (YA)

One of the reasons I like to use “fiction that doesn’t fit in” as my tagline is that it reflects how for most of my life, I haven’t fit in well. As a kid, I moved around a lot owing to changes in my father’s federal employment, and in my […]