Email Content

Email is one of the most important pieces of your relationship with your prospects and customers. Rather than simply “blast” people with your latest deals, a good email program consistently shows how your product or service makes your customers’ lives better.

Use email to:

  • Inform customers about new products / features / services.
  • Encourage downloads of content that can help them improve how they work or live.
  • “Onboard” new customers with how-to content that gets them started and keeps them going.
  • Keep long-time customers up to date on events, publications, and other news.

Whether you need content for newsletters that you email at regular intervals, or for campaigns that you send during a particular time period, we can help. Packages include a custom editorial calendar and content.


Audit: $50/email or $75/newsletter

Newsletter template design: $350

Newsletter content: 3 months: $750| 6 months: $1500| 12 months: $2500

Email campaign content: $250/email | $100/landing page