How can dark fiction and children’s fiction coexist in the same brain? Easy: for me, reading and writing fiction is all about processing the world and instilling a little bit of hope. Elements from both genres cross over, so that both kids and adults can process the scary things they observe and experience — but also find clues for how not to let it get them down.

Fiction for Adults

My short stories and novellas are published both traditionally and independently:

Sodom & Gomorrah on a Saturday Night

When all of society is privatized, profitable crimes become legalized while empathy is banned. How far will people go to connect? Could their defiance lead to revolution? These are the underlying questions within this novella collection consisting of four interconnected stories.

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Bloodied Hearts & Broken Starts

Messed-up romances and messed-up childhoods come together in a collection of the first stories I saw professionally published, between 2006-2008.

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Short Stories

Find a list of my stories here.

Fiction for Children

The Living Wild Side by Side series of children’s books is a resource for teachers, wildlife rehabilitators, homeschoolers, and anyone else with a desire to teach children about wildlife and humane coexistence between people and wild animals.