Invite & Nurture Leads

You’ve established your subject matter expertise and now you want to drive leads. Keep the momentum going with great website, email, and lead magnet content.

White Papers

A good white paper relies on your organization’s subject matter experts to provide technical depth to your product or service offering. Use white papers to:

  • Offer perspective on a legal or technical process that your product or service improves in some way.
  • Position your product or service to a particular audience.
  • Demonstrate a solution to a specific problem.



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Case Studies & Testimonials

Compelling testimonial quotes offer specific benefits that a customer experienced using a product or service, while a case study expands on the experience by telling an entire story about the problem, the solution you offered, and the benefits reaped.

We develop these by working with you to identify strong stories, interviewing the customers, and developing the stories from those pieces.



$1000/case study

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Email is one of the most important pieces of a content strategy. A good email program doesn’t just “blast” your leads and prospects; it segments contacts by what they’re most interested in learning about and what stage in the buying process they’re in.

Whether you need content for newsletters that you email at regular intervals, or for campaigns that you send during a particular time period, we can help. Packages include a custom editorial calendar and content.


Audit: $50/email or $75/newsletter

Newsletter template design: $350

Newsletter content: 3 months: $750| 6 months: $1500| 12 months: $2500

Email campaign content: $250/email | $100/landing page

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