Have your classroom or homeschool students read Raccoon Rescue or one of my other books/stories as part of your curriculum? Gone through all the exercises following Raccoon Rescue, but want something a little extra? Do you have students who are interested in writing as a career?

As a professional writer of both fiction and nonfiction (marketing), I’m available for:

  • Author talks to elementary school children
  • Career Day talks to middle, high school, and college students

In person (regional to Greenville, SC) or virtually, I’ll talk to classrooms or afterschool writing clubs, student newspapers, or other appropriate groups about:

The Writing Process

Where to find and how to develop an idea. How to research to shape a story. Drafting and revising. Working with editors. I’ll talk to your students about some or all of the above — whether you want an author’s eye view of the six-step narrative writing process, or your students are struggling with one or more parts and need a boost.

Appropriate for: All ages

How to Prepare: Please make sure to have a laptop and projector (or, if a virtual visit, Skype or other screen-sharing software).

Cost: $450/half day, $750/all day

Email me to set it up! (Be sure to tell me if you’re from a Title I school)

Raccoons & Natural Resources: Homeschool Field Trip

I offer this talk in conjunction with the raccoon experts at Izzie’s Pond Animal Rescue & Sanctuary. I talk about the behaviors exhibited by the young raccoons and their mama in my book, with the goal of helping students to understand and empathize with raccoon families. Izzie’s Pond rehabbers talk about wildlife rehabilitation and how to coexist peacefully and humanely with raccoons and other wild neighbors. Bonus: meet Dory, Izzie’s Pond’s sweet nonreleasable raccoon!

Appropriate for: Grades 2-8

How to Prepare: Please purchase the print or e-book versions of Raccoon Rescue to give your students a foundation for the talk. Once you’re ready to schedule your field trip, present us with proof of purchase to claim your free spot!

Cost: Free!

Email me to set it up!

Career Day

Writing is both my day job and my side gig. For a Career Day presentation, I’ll talk about how I came to make a living as a writer and how I balance the two. I’ll also talk about how to find your niche (hint: things you can be passionate about writing) and what goes into being a good writer on any topic.

Appropriate for: Grades 6-12, College

How to Prepare: Please make sure to have a laptop and projector (or, if a virtual visit, Skype or other screen-sharing software).

Cost: $250/classroom session, $450/half day

Email me to set it up!


Some of the best presentations are conversations between students and authors! In these sessions, I’ll talk about whatever your students want: writing, what it’s like to be an animal rescue volunteer, how to be good stewards of our natural resources, and what I do when I’m not writing. This can happen in a formal setting like a classroom or library meeting room, or in an informal setting like a small-group lunch, as well as virtually.

Appropriate for: Grades 4-12+

Cost: $250/classroom session

How to prepare: Work with your students to prepare questions ahead of time. If possible, read Raccoon Rescue (or for older audiences, another of my stories).

Email me to set it up!