I’ve helped nonprofits with needs ranging from the positioning and messaging needed for websites, to basic copy for email newsletters and social media posts.

Child Advocacy

Working with the nonprofit Zero Abuse Project, I’ve assisted with the drafting and editing of several major resources for prosecutors of child abuse. These publications include:

Child Statement and Forensic Interview Admissibility

Seeking to introduce a forensic interview is not an ancillary matter in child abuse prosecution. In many cases, it is the most critical, persuasive piece of evidence for the jury’s consideration. This guide equips entry level prosecutors with an understanding of relevant admissibility law in their jurisdiction, and encourages seasoned prosecutors to take a fresh look at the several viable options for forensic interview admissibility. February 2022

Judge, Jury… Service Provider?

Even though signed search warrants are legally binding court orders, Big Tech still may not comply. This guide acknowledges common privacy concerns that make data more difficult for the government to obtain, and lays out six strategies for prosecutors confronting objections from electronic service providers. March 2022

Exigency and Encrypted Cloud Accounts, Parts 1 & 2

Part 1 provided 8 introductory considerations for prosecutors, and addresses the complexity and challenges faced when working cases involving remotely stored and encrypted data. It also explores investigative procedures and legal process best practices when obtaining electronic evidence.

Part 2 provided 7 advanced strategies for prosecutors, as well as guidance for dealing with cloud providers and other stakeholders. Zero Abuse Project developed this article to serve as a reference for prosecutors and investigators facing challenges when working cases involving remotely stored data. June 2022

Wildlife Rescue

I have served on the board of Izzie’s Pond Animal Rescue & Sanctuary, as well as contributing copy for the organization’s website, handouts, and grant applications.