Between 2012 and 2018 I worked in the marketing departments of several digital forensics tool vendors. My work in these roles primarily involved writing white papers and trade magazine articles on topics such as:

  • Link / pattern of life analysis
  • Supporting scientific admissibility hearings around mobile forensic technology
  • Describing what cloud forensic capabilities could and could not do
  • The use of machine learning in digital forensic tools


The 5 Enduring Challenges of Mobile Forensics
Consumer demand for a better balance between privacy and convenience drives changes to apps and devices that create obstacles in retrieving evidentiary data.
Evidence Technology Magazine, Spring 2018

Next-Generation Digital Forensics: Expanding the Toolkit
New approaches give investigative teams the opportunity to identify priority data, analyze the evidence in an easy-to-digest format, and, ultimately, accelerate the investigative process.
Forensic Magazine, March 2018

Making Smart Technology Decisions to Improve Case Collaboration
With the stakes so high but resource constraints unlikely to budge anytime soon, leaders need to be able to stretch their thinking to accommodate the right blend of personnel, technology, and approach to the work.
Forensic Focus, November 2017

Developing the Next Generation of Police Leadership
What are some of the best practices which commanders can utilize to foster millennial officers’ educational aspirations?
Police & Security News, March 2017

Mobile Device Search and Seizure in a Post-Riley World
The latest Supreme Court ruling requires training, policy, and technology for the proper handling of mobile device evidence
DFI News, March 2015

Decentralized Mobile Forensics with Lee Papathanasiou, Cellebrite
Technology, training, and enforcement form the foundation needed for successful mobile forensics
Evidence Technology, September 2014

Mobile Victimology
Data recovered from a victim’s mobile device can identify leads, reveal behavior patterns, and contextualize other evidence
Police Magazine, February 2014

Smartphone Overload with Ronen Engler & Lee Papathanasiou, Cellebrite
Prepare to overcome the challenges posed by an abundance of mobile operating systems
Law Enforcement Technology, June 2013

The Value of Mobile Data in Criminal Investigations
Case studies are proof of the value
Law & Order, June 2013

6 Persistent Challenges with Smartphone Forensics with Ronen Engler, Cellebrite
Smartphones, the most popular mobile communications devices today, are also some of the most difficult to extract evidentiary data from.
DFI News, February 2013

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