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In Print

“When Autumn Leaves Start to Fall,” The Desperate and the Damned, Toe Six Press, June 2019

“God’s Country,” The Asterisk Anthology Vol. 2, Nosetouch Press, November 2018

“The Kings of Babylon,” The Running Wild Novellas Anthology Vol. 2 Pt. 1, Running Wild Press, October 2018

“Sodom & Gomorrah on a Saturday Night,” The Running Wild Novella Anthology, Running Wild Press, November 2017

“Coyote Date” & “The Seaside Park Zombie,” Northern Haunts, Shroud Publishing, October 2008

“Ankle Biters,” Shroud Magazine, March/April 2008

“A Private War,” Out of the Gutter Issue 3, November 2007


Too Many Shadows, Whispering Voices,” Underbelly Magazine, July 2019

Tayaran,” Writers Resist, October 2018

Liliya and the Lost Relics of Bygone Futures,” SOFT CARTEL, July 2018

“Going Gandolfini,” Demolition Magazine, Summer 2008

“The Promise,” Mouth Full of Bullets, August 2008

Beautiful Trouble,” Flashing in the Gutters, reprinted February 2008

“Silence in Ramah,” Shred of Evidence, December 2007

“Right-Sized,” Muzzle Flash, November 2007

“White Crosses,” Shred of Evidence, October 2007

Just Watching,” Powder Burn Flash, August 2007

“The Power of Suggestion,” Shred of Evidence, August 2007

Midnight Train to Georgia,” A Vocational Duality for contest (Honorable Mention), July 2007

“Uncle Charlie’s Rule,” Muzzle Flash, June 2007

Pushing Up Daisies,” Flash Pan Alley, May 2007

Bad Influence,” Powder Burn Flash, May 2007

Detachment Parenting,” Flash Pan Alley, May 2007

Dream House,” Spinetingler Magazine, Spring 2007

Blogging a Fantasy,” A Vocational Duality for the Blog Short Story Project, March 2007

“Snuff,” A Cruel World, May/June 2006