Possum Kingdom

A story about an alternative underground

Shapeshifting rat/human gay vampire Theo is at a crossroads. He’s come a long way since taking to the Boston subway system in self-contempt for the moment of weakness that led to his making, but despite his satisfying volunteer career helping other shapeshifters to transition, something’s missing. When vampire queen Marcella shows up, the community is shaken. No one was even sure she existed; why is she here now, among them?

As Theo learns more and more about a plot to depose Marcella and establish a new, chilling Occupy-style movement that positions revenants as the dominant class and humans as their subjugates, he comes to realize two things. First, he must reestablish his ties with the friend he once cast aside if he has any hope of stopping the plot. And second, he must come to grips with his own complicity in the forces that started the plot rolling to begin with.