Series – Children’s Fiction

Living Wild Side by Side

What if we could see the world from the perspective of the wildlife species we think of as “nuisances”? The Living Wild Side by Side series aims to do just that. Written from the point of view of the raccoons, beavers, skunks, opossums, and others, this children’s chapter book series shows how our human habits impact the lives of of our wild neighbors, and promotes understanding so that all species can reap the benefits of humane coexistence.

Raccoon Rescue is the story of Roxy, Rufus, and Renae, three young raccoons who are slowly learning how to forage for food, hide from predators, and explore the world beyond their den. But when humans come to their creek, the raccoons’ world suddenly expands far beyond what their Mama was prepared to teach them. After one of the human children takes one of the kits home, the young raccoons mount a dangerous rescue mission to get their wild baby sister back.

Raccoon Retreat (coming soon!) follows Roxy, Rufus and Renae after their forest home is destroyed by human land development and they must find food and shelter among the human “dens” nearby.

Future “Living Wild” books will tell the stories of other “nuisance species” like beavers and skunks, so be sure to watch this space! Subscribe to the newsletter to get updates (and free coloring pages, too)!